Update on RUSH


Andrew has just emailed an update on RUSH, kakamega. Thought it would be good to share with you all:

Dear Friends,
The year is flying faster than expected but we cant take this for granted. It has taken God’s hand for us to come this far. We have a testimony that going through things { challenges} takes us to another level of life and faith. The good news is that we are all fine as we are writting this newsletter to you now!!! May God be glorified!!
It’s long since we reported on this but we want to assure you that God has done exploits Daniel{ 11:32} through this section. We have reached very many people through medical camps. Its three free medical camps we have done since 2010 and 2674 people benefited. But there is one particular lady { age 69 years} who was completely blind for seven years because of catracts, she was brought by a good neighbour who had just heard on adverts about RUSH free medical camp, she was brought on a bicycle as you all know its the main means of transport. She could do very little for her self because of blindness, she has two grandchildren who are orphans – depending on her. Today as we are writting, she has received her eye sight and she is over the moon, she travelled all the way 15 miles to come to RUSH meetings every tuesdays. Standing before RUSH congregation she could not control her joy that was springing from her heart. Its hard to express this on a piece of paper. Thank you so much for your support.
Another one is a little girl of 5 years that had a wound on her foot. She was brought by her mum who had kind of lost hope. Thank God some of our sponsors were around during the excercise, they followed up by providing money for fare and now as we are writing, the wound is healed not amputed!!!! many and many stories to tell about medical camps, people have benefited in all areas, dental and general illness, its wonderful!!. We also pay for medical bills for RUSH members. What could we have done without your support??? May you enjoy the abundance of Gods goodness.
The school is doing very well academically. The senior class eight has done several external exams and they have proved to be a capable class that will give us a good and great name. Pray that God will increase their understanding and knowledge in their studies as they prepare for the final exams at the end of November. Other classes are doing well to –  especially Early Childhood Development, we can say that is the best in the community in our area of operation, just with basic facilities.
Nevertheless, as our name of the school puts itself on the educational map of Kenya, we still have some challenges in the area of teachers salary which we are hoping the school to be self sufficient in the near future. Food and fuel is another big challenge but we believe in the Lord who provides. We have 80 pupils who board and the feeding programe is a must, they have breakfast at 6 am then tea break at 10am and lunch with the rest of the school and snack at 4 pm then dinner every day 7 days a week!!! But in all this one thing we know is that God is faithful{ psalms 37:25}
We have a table prepared in this wilderness, bought a piece of land next to school and have now planted maize on it as we wait to expand the school. we also managed to build a dining hall for both primary and secondary school, just waiting to put windows and doors in. Another big development, we managed to get 25 computers from Computer 4 Africa charity from England for our school.
As we told you in the last newsletter, we bought a piece of land one acre through Springfield Church’s support for our secondary school. We have built the science laboratory which is yet to be completed; it’s waiting for windows and doors and we have now started a classroom which is almost complete. The only challenge we have from the education office was the conditions they have laid down that because we dont have enough space, we are only allowed to build story building going up to enable the students a place for their games. So still dealing with the case for break through. We had dialogue last week with the ministry of education and we are just waiting for their report; we have dont have money to start a such building. Pray with us that by January next year secondary school will be on. A big appreciation to those people who have already stepped in to help with child sponsorship programme to enable the needy and orphans get quality education…. God bless you more mightly keep it up!!!!!
We have just built a house for Anjeline Mmbone, its very hard to describe the shape she was in and what she was managing with as a house. We lived in Kibera slums and we know good and bad condition but this one, its neither of what we know!!!!! It took us two days to build, through support of the community joint with RUSH with a high spirit and now she is a happy lady in a house. Giving a testimony at RUSH meeting on tuesday morning, was enough sermon for the year!!! This gives us heart to keep going despite the challenges. She has suffered especially during rainy season as now you could definately tell this during the meetings, she sleeps throughout the meeting. We would sometimes wonder why? But now we got an answer when we realized her life back home. Animals in England live better lives, where they sleep can be identified. For the case of this lady, we can say that this is when she has started living as human being at her late age!!! Thanks all onces again.
Many people are living in very hard conditions but at least for those that RUSH is reaching with your support, we are seeing a change. We have an endless list of people who need houses but slowly by slowly as the Lord enables us shall provide. We have a saying ‘ HARAKA HARAKA HAINA BARAKA’ { HURRY HURRY HAS GOT NO BLESSINGS} This comforts us more with great hope that one day we are going to get there.
This is a programme that every person looks forward to especially this time of famine. We are feeding twice a month because we cant affort to feed as we used to do twice a week. But the good news is that they are all fine and God is preparing a table in the wilderness for each and everyone in a different way and level. Thank you all who are supporting this programme{ mathew 25: 34 -40}
After last years graduation where we gave each girl their own machine, it has really motivated more girls to enroll with RUSH tailoring college. This was last gift to RUSH girls from the late beloved granny Florence Morris{ KUKHU} before she died and went to be with the Lord. This will remain in our hearts and memories as long as we live. They are doing well as the second years prepare for their national exams the end of the year. Carpentry are also doing very well, we have produced good experienced boys on wood work and most of them are now self employed. Most of our boys are not interested in carpentry instead they are interested in motorbike for boda boda taxi and this has become a challenge to us. They want us to buy them bikes, please pray that these boys will see the need of training to acquire skills to become long term self sufficient. The computer class are also doing very well, we now have seven civil servants who are learning ICT at RUSH . We thank Tools with A Mission charity and Workaid charity for supporting us with tools and machines which has enabled us to run the training centre. God bless all the volunteers working with these charities.
Agriculture group is doing very well. They managed to plant maize and beans this year on time. They just completed weeding and they looking forward to harvesting beans at the end of this month and maize at the end of August. We thank God for Whyteleaf Church for supporting the programme and all that are involved. God bless you abundantly.
We thank God who enabled us to form this wonderful team, the boys are determined and committed playing quality soccer. We have many challenges facing the team at the moment especially transport, accomodation, food and allowance. The team is now playing in division one league in Kenya and if they qualify they will be promoted to the premier league next year 2013. Please pray that we get people who can come on board and help the great talent. We are also looking forward to getting scouts who can help to market these boys to Europe for the betterment of their future and to make their dreams come true. God can raise the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash, He seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honour. We are talking about the Amukowas, march this year our dream came true when we sat in the stadium in England watching Fulham, Swansea, Arsenal and Norwich playing. Actually you will agree with us that most of you are reading this newsletter have never watched their favourite teams playing live in the stadium. Remember Amukowa was dying man 2010 but the Lord is the lifter of our faith and now he is in better health than ever and chairman Football Kenya Federation western region of Kenya.Thank God for Rob,Wendy and family.
Our family is doing very well, our daughter Phylis is doing well in university and enjoying her course. Please pray that she keeps on and God continues to provide because of her accomodation and food. Not forgetting her health, she had bruccella but now she has just recovered after getting treatment. Enock is doing his final exams at the end of October, thanks for your support both financially and spiritually. Erick is doing also well at school enjoying his studies, Elon, Charles, Jacinta, Shaila, Sophie Mercy, Michell, Voilet, Sally, Caro and Ken are all doing well. We are personally doing well and just thanking everyone standing with us as a family and RUSH.
Finally, may God grand you peace and answer your deepest prayer and needs. Proverbs 19:17

2 comments on “Update on RUSH

  1. cecile clark
    June 14, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Thrilled to bits to hear Andrew’s news! Missing Kenya and its people. May the blessings continue! Amen!

  2. Will Cookson
    June 16, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    Amen to that Cecile!

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