Wednesday in Kakamega

Tuesday was the “low day” for quite a few of the party. There is quite a large adjustment that we need to make to what we see and experience in Kenya (especially far from the tourist places). The poverty and living conditions can be quite overwhelming and we don’t have the experiences to show us how to cope. But a number of group hugs and a good night’s sleep for most meant that we woke with a purpose on Wednesday morning (and no small amount of noise by some!)

After breakfast Lucy crammed us into the car to take us to the RUSH Academy. There were so many of us that one of us had to go in the boot of her car! We had a number of jobs to do before we could reach the Academy. The first was to have Lucy receiver her malarial jab. She has been diagnosed with malaria (it is quite bad out here at the moment as one of their sons has recently spent a week in the clinic with it as well). Thankfully Lucy was diagnosed early and therefore has got away with a series of injections and some pills.

After the clinic we went off to town to pick up paints and some uniform. The plan was to paint one of the nursery classrooms and some of the children were desperately in need of uniforms. Some of the sponsorship money that Becky received was able to be used for these things which was great.

There were a number of tasks that we were up to today. Becky started off the day sitting in on some lessons and was then told to help with class 3 (where she became Teacher Becky!!). She was asked to mark some work – the only problem was that it was all in Swahili!!!!! When we arrived she was asked to put on the school uniform and she and Cecile were brave enough to do it.

Rose, with help from Gabby and Becky through the day worked on updating the information about the RUSH sponsored children and started on taking information for more children to be sponsored. They worked hard in a stiflingly hot office (Rose was a real trooper lasting the whole day whilst Becky and Gabby swopped with doing painting.

Angela was in her element helping the nursery children and seemed to have a great day working with them all. This included helping with serving the meals (as you can see in one of the pictures).

Ian started off with sorting out the electrics of the main administrative block. He did a brilliant job and only one light eluded him (the heat in the roof trying to look at the wires was, he said, dreadful). He then came down to help with the painting.

Painting was interesting. We were told that there was an empty classroom. In fact it was fully occupied but the teacher so liked the idea of her classroom being painted that she happily moved all her children into another classroom (which became very packed!). There were posters on the wall but they had been kept on with flour and water and left quite a mess (but given that the walls only had a render they weren’t exactly smooth). One new brush fell to pieces and several moulted exceptional amounts of bristles but we eventually got it all done.

Talking about interesting the new school canteen is enormous for the number of students and we believe that the plan may well include Lucy and Andrew thinking in terms of a church meeting there or renting it out for events!

Baked at the end of the day we wended our weary way into town for a drink (and for a couple a swim). Becky and Rose went to town with Lucy to buy material for dresses (Becky hopes she can pick up hers tomorrow).

We’re back off to the Academy on Thursday to finish the classroom (bermuda blue) and finish the last of the sponsorship forms, paint the classroom blackboards and no doubt several things that we have no idea about as yet!!


2 comments on “Wednesday in Kakamega

  1. smellofburntwiggle
    February 16, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Great to see the Dining Hall. What a resource! U guys v stoical accomplishing all that in the great heat. Bravo indeed

    Hope everyone’s feeling more upbeat…xx

  2. joan Hadlow
    February 21, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    The object was to have a dining hall but also a hall that could be used for bringing in an income for example in the wedding season (December)

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