Guest Blog – Angie’s week

The week has been so moving but also so humbling at times. The women’s meeting was very moving especially when they all began speaking in tongues during prayer. The women were shaking my hand and telling me their name and asking for Springfield to lift them in prayer when we return.

I spent a great day in Middle class at the Nursery in RUSH Academy, the teacher made every lesson so much fun as she would get them on their feet at intervals to sing and chant poems. the children are so happy, especially at break time after their porridge when we all went out on the field and played circle games. It was so amazing when they all sat down, put their heads on the table and slept.

Joan, Will, Ian & myself were taken, by Andrew, to meet the RUSH football team and offer our encouragement, they commit to  practise every day and are hoping to make the Premier team in Kenya this season. I spent a great day interviewing and photographing the next batch of Sponsorship children, I wanted to sponsor them all. Please see Wendy and see who they are. they work so hard and are always encouraged to improve on their exam results. All of their stories are so moving, the type of housing the parents/grandparents circumstances give it a whirl.

We have also been decorating one of the Nursery classes which looks amazing now that we have finished it. Gabi did the alphabet, Becky has contributed shapes and tools. Joan’s Acacia tree is complete now with numbers climbing up the bark. We did have difficulty finding all the colours for the colour chart but did manage to find yellow today so orange replaced red but it does look awesome. It is such a shame that there was only time to complete one classroom this trip.

We have had some interesting ways to get from place to place, today we travelled in a tuk tuk, the school bus and a taxi when 2 of us travelled in the boot, it was very comfortable. The taxi was caused by the breakdown of the small bus! The large bus had an oil leak yesterday and had to go to the garage!! Where’s Paul when you need him!

I also organised a hair washing session this morning and managed to wash Cecille, Becky & my own hair before we set off this morning. Joan washed Rose’s hair too.

Well tonight is drawing to a close so I will send love and blessings to you all.

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3 comments on “Guest Blog – Angie’s week

  1. Brigitte
    February 17, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    So lovely to read all your news and see the beautiful pictures. But where are the photos of those two fierce puppies who scared Cécile? I bet she was torn between hugging them and running away!
    All of you are doing such a good job. Enjoy the rest of your trip. As for us we can’t wait to have you all back and hear your wonderful stories. Love to all.

    • Will Cookson
      February 17, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      It is far worse than that! She deliberately stepped on a large ant this evening; that and threats to the life of a cockerel – what can I say??!!

  2. Melanie Jeffery
    February 18, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    Well, Angela, I bet you never thought that you would be running your own mobile hairdressing service during your stay. I just hope Will and Ian have not been given the dreaded ‘pudding basin’ haircuts.

    You are all looking well and all I see is smiley faces which is great.

    I have just watched the interview with Renson, isn’t he a sweetie.

    God Bless you all, x

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