Guest blog by Paul

Hi All

This is my first blog as not the long drops we us at the school, ‘O’ that is the toilet.

Weather is hot into the 30 C.

Ken finished repairing glass window

Have been putting glass into the broken windows and showing Ken the handy man how to change the glass, so he can do it next time. Check out the ladder!

Going to work on the school bus next showing ken how to change the spark plugs.

So yesterday was my first day on doing jobs around the compound and we all put to work in some capacity or other, even will painting. We all getting very well as a group and all giving an input to Rush.

The accommodation is of a high standard to the mud huts next door and we have running water with electric, but had power cuts last night as thunder storm cut out the electric. It was back on this morning.

Must go now and get on with the work.

Paul up a ladder



One comment on “Guest blog by Paul

  1. Angela Hope
    February 18, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    It is lovely to see you all making a difference and gelling as a team. Loved the sunset photo. Ben is in our prayers for a return to good health.Lighthouse Cell enjoyed the photos that I printed out on Wednesday, keep posting the photos as my IT skills are improving everyday, look out Paul when you return the computer might not be as free as it had been! Joking apart we as a cell send our love and blessings to you all
    Love Angela xxx

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