My Sabbatical

Well the three months passed quickly!

Coming back into land with Sunday’s service I now have a growing agenda of things that need to be addressed and to be thought through.

But before that it’s worthwhile reflecting on the three months away as a whole.

It’s great to be back after my three month sabbatical – and good to see so many people in the past week (At least you seem to be still here!).

It is a privilege and also a necessity to have periodic breaks from ministry and to be able to reflect and seek out experiences to enrich my ministry.

I have had three overlapping areas of experiences.

The first was to visit the 7 churches mentioned in the book of Revelation. It was a great experience and makes you realise that we need to tread prayerfully and missionally if we want to ensure that our churches don’t become empty monuments. You can see my posts on this here:

The second was to visit various projects around the country that had been given funding by the Archbishops Council. If the first experience was about what happens if we don’t look out missionally then the second area reminded of some of the innovative work going on around the country to engage with people where they are. You can see my posts on this here:

The third was a reminder that we don’t live in an isolated world. My trip to Kenya (with three of my daughters) was a reminder that we have a diverse world that is in need to help and support as well as being places where we can be challenged as well. So, my visit to RUSH reminded me of the bonds of affection that tie us together but also that our faith makes a difference to those around us and we are called to share the love of Jesus with all around us. It is easy to become self-obsessed but in a place like Kenya it is vital that the church stands up for justice and to make a difference. My visit reminded me that this is our call too. My posts on Kenya are here:

Overall I have come back refreshed and with a passion to ensure that the church in our country doesn’t give up and become self-obsessed but reaches out with the love of Jesus to all around.


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