Favourite conversation in Kenya

Conversations can sometimes have a strange feel to them in Kenya. Partly this is because they speak so many more languages than most of us do – Swahili, their tribal language and English. It is also sometimes because they want to please us and don’t want us to be disappointed.

Our favourite conversation was one at the Golf hotel.

Me looking at the menu: What is ‘tea cake’ in Kenya?

Waitress: It is a cake like this (gestures with hands apart)

Me: But what is in it?

Sometimes it has fruit in it, sometimes not.
Sometimes it has chocolate, sometimes not.
Sometimes we marble it, sometimes not.
It is just tea cake, like that. But it is a good cake, you will not regret it.


One comment on “Favourite conversation in Kenya

  1. Chris
    August 21, 2013 at 8:17 pm #


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