Wonderful day on Lake Victoria

One of the most exciting things about Kenya is the wildlife and last Saturday we spent the day by Lake Victoria. In fact although it was a vast waterway that we were on it was only a small inlet by the city of Kisumu. Lake Victoria itself is absolutely vast and we were told that the small boat we were on would take 3-4 days to reach Uganda or Tanzania. In size it is some 26,600 square miles and at its maximum 209 miles long and 160 miles wide with some 3,000 miles of coastline.

It is the home to so much wildlife and where we were travelling had some amazing Mangrove areas, reeds and grasses. We spent some 2 1/2 hours on the trip (it was supposed to be 1 hour but we were enjoying it too much!).

The birdlife is the key to the area and we were able to see some of the great variety of birds. I was most proud of being able to take pictures of an African Fish Eagle in flight (a majestic bird with a white head).

We spotted a number of hippos in three separate places though sadly didn’t see one out of water (unlike some who went there recently!). They are incredible animals and it seems amazing that such large mammals spend so much time underwater.

The waterways support a range of people and their activities including fishing – we saw numerous boats out fishing and also a catch of fish being landed in one of the villages. It was interesting to see that quite a few boats appeared to be dhow shaped (though at least one of the boats appeared to have sails made from a large bin bag!

Altogether a stunning day.

(Usual tip: click on a picture to get full size and be able to page through them)


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