Hungry for more….

Well it was a great day yesterday (wednesday). It was lovely to see TWO bishops from Southwark here today. Our new Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark, who is responsible for Fresh Expressions and their development in the diocese and the Bishop of Kingston. It is a positive sign of their engagement with New Wine and charismatic evangelicals that they have taken the time and effort to engage.

In the morning I went to Hungry which is the new third morning venue. It was much smaller than the other two (which hold about 4,000 and 2,000 respectively) and holds a few hundred at most – given that it meets in a seminar marquee. But the atmosphere and the focus were great – focussing on the inner city and estates. There was great worship, some powerful drama and a powerful talk by Andy Hawthorne. It was good to hear testimonies of people on estates whose lives have been transformed.

The worship was led by a youth/ young adult band from our old church,  St Pauls Ealing. A small clip below of their worship:

In the evening we heard from Francis Chan who was talking about enduring trials to grow in our faith. He talked about being tested in terms of being purified and strengthened in our faith. It was a really good talk with, interestingly given the subject, a lot of laughter.

Today we had our Springfield BBQ (with Sue Cooke coming over – given that she is on the same field as us this year with her church it wasn’t too far!). It was a great time – we found a lovely shaded place under the trees – and lovely to see everyone sharing and mixing things together.

It was also lovely to have Honesty pop over and to have a good (though sadly short) chat and catch up. He is now a baptist pastor in Lewisham with two boys and we talked about him coming over to Springfield in the autumn sometime if we can arrange a mutual date that we can both do.

It feels like we only arrived yesterday and yet it is our last night tonight. Unfortunately it has been really difficult to upload pictures here and so most will have to wait until I get home. The same is true for the videos that we have made (though I do need to make a few more – I might even be able to put them together to make a small film like we did for The MiX but don’t hold your breath!!)

It has been a great week to hear from God, to worship with such a large host of other Christians and to share some quality time with each other.


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