Guest post – here come the girls at New Wine….

Emma and Sue reporting from a gazebo in the glorious sunshine.

It’s our first time at New Wine and we wanted to tell you what it’s like from a newcomer’s point of view.

Sue writes:

What has struck us most of all is how lovely it is to be part of a helpful, friendly and sociable group of people.  Every one pitches in, shares and helps others out, comes over to chat and enjoy a few laughs together.  We both feel relaxed and are enjoying a slower pace of life.

As we write from the shade of the gazebo we can see children playing, some reading quietly, a group having lunch and some off to seminars.

The first day was probably more challenging for Emma as she has come here without her close friends.  I was really moved to pray for her last night during the worship at Venue One, the largest gathering on site.  I was so delighted to hear that she had enjoyed the children’s club far more this morning (which is on an even larger scale than Springfield – is that possible?!), made a friend in her group and is spending time playing with the other Springfield children.

As for me, although the worship and teaching were great at the large venue last night, I knew that it was not the place for me this week.  I went along to a smaller venue with Jean this morning which has a focus on inner city areas and estates.  We both knew that this is where God would like us to be each morning this week – the teaching was mission focussed, interactive and personal  and spoke into our experiences at Roundshaw.  I made the most of the opportunity for prayer ministry and know that this is where God will be refreshing, equipping and speaking to me this week…………

Emma writes:

The first time I got to the field to put the tent up it felt like this was a true community..

The past day has flown by.  I have been enjoying every moment – the food, games and the evening with laughter , games and wine!

I really want to go again next year and it’s the fridge tonight so I am going!  There’s stuff like games, sweets, chatting,  Xbox and Wiis.

Sue chats about her hopes and expectations for the week when she arrived on Sunday:


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