Death and consumption in Sussex…

Yes. It’s opera time again! Off to see La Boheme by Puccini tonight. Similar story to La Traviata, Moulin Rouge etc – penniless student (Rodolfo) falls in love with a seamstress (Mimi) in Paris. She dies of consumption. End of story.

Except the music is divine. The story may be rather well worn but Puccini’s music always inspires and is some of my favourite. That along with Glyndebourne, which is a joy to go to, means that is likely to be a very special evening indeed – picnic, beautiful gardens, black tie etc etc

Trailer for La Boheme below. However, if you have never seen an opera (or never at Glyndebourne), then they are streaming Rossini’s La Cenerentola (Cinderella to you and me) with subtitles until the 22nd July – really well worth a watch – great music by a great composer.


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