Donna’s Priesting..

It is now a year since Donna first joined Springfield! Where has the time gone? Sunday evening saw Donna being priested at Croydon Minster (Croydon Parish Church as was) by our new Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark (a great supporter of Fresh Expression forms of Church). Whereas the service for deacon occurs at the cathedral and includes all the diocesan deacons who are stipendiary (paid to you and I) in the case of the priesting this occurs in the local areas. So, Donna was priested in Croydon Minster with only two others. Leah Philbrick who is curate in the Sutton Team Ministry (where Sarah Mullally is Team Rector) and Helen Fraser who is curate at Chipstead where Patrick Bateman (ex curate at Holy Trinity, Wallington) is the Rector. So, it was lovely to go and celebrate with the other people involved.

It has been a joy to see Donna grow and develop in her ministry over the past year and her ordination to the priesthood was a lovely occasion to celebrate her ministry amongst us. It was lovely to see those who could join us at Croydon Minster on Sunday afternoon. One of the joys of celebrating the priesting in the area was the intimacy of the occasion. It was also lovely that others came to support Donna as well – family, People from Chris’s parish and other friends.

Becoming a priest means that Donna can now celebrate Communion in the Church and a number of other roles and indeed she will be presiding at Communion this Sunday at Wallington Girls to which everyone is welcome.

Donna has already started a good work amongst us and this service was a celebration of that as well as the promise of so much more to come in her ministry not just in Springfield but in the years ahead wherever God leads her.

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2 comments on “Donna’s Priesting..

  1. angela Hope
    July 2, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Such a great time for celebration. 2 services in two days was very soul provoking. Enjoyed this great occasion. Congratulations, Donna is a real asset to Springfield.

  2. Melanie Jeffery
    July 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Yes, it was a great celebration, and a very special day for Donna. It felt good to have been part of it.

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