Launching our new website..

Well one of our background tasks over the past few months has been working on a new Springfield Church website. We wanted to be able to have more flexibility of layout and content than we have had up to now. The current providers are a great bunch of people and their system will be fine for lots of churches but it was creaking a bit for us.

We have therefore re-designed the whole site and we hope to move over next week to the new system (famous last words). We’ve added new areas for things like stories and some of our new ministries, we have updated the podcast system and the cell notes (you can download and print them now!). It is easier to embed media and allows for easy upgrades in the future.

I thought you might like a preview of it and so we’ve made a small clip of it here :


One comment on “Launching our new website..

  1. Melanie
    May 15, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    The new website is looking good, Thank you.

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