Guest Blog post: Rose’s view from Kenya

JAMBO  to all Springfielders and blog watchers.  Our days here are packed with interest and new experiences.  The sun has been very hot – we are here in the famine season and for the last few days everyone has been watching and hoping for rain.  It is badly needed, especially as the planting season starts in March.  Finally  tonight it rained – not for long and not enough but it was a good sign.

Our day today Thursday, started fairly early and some of us were on the road to our chosen activity by  I was taken by Pastor Lucy to the RUSH Tailoring School where at present there are 21 students, most 18years+ studying tailoring and dressmaking.  (I hope there will be some photos for you to see – if Will can persuade his laptop to work with my universal card reader).  They have a Praise and Prayer meeting every Thursday and today Pastor Lucy spoke at this meeting for the first time with 17 new students who joined a month ago.  It was a very good address based on the faithfulness and honesty and good work of Joseph.  Most of the students are Christian but not necessarily.  3 of the new students came forward to ask Jesus into their life as Lord and Saviour so there was much pleasure in the meeting.

A gift of a full roll of cotton material was given to them and there were big smiles and lots of appreciation.

Then onward towards the RUSH Academy – but nothing is simple here – first a stop at the Bank then finding the man who was going to buy the materials we need to build a traditional house for one of the RUSH widows and finally to School.

Once there I joined Ian and Will who were working hard putting the second, Bermuda Blue, coat of paint on the walls of the class called Pre Unit. These are the children who leave the Nursery to join Class 1 next January 2013.  It was looking really good and I was given a brush and bowl of paint to help.  Well we felt really confident about our progress until we opened the second large can of “Bermuda Blue” emulsion and – you guessed didn’t you- it was Baby Blue!!!  Don’t PANIC!

By this time Gabby, Cecile and Becky had arrived and plans for the decorations were quickly revised to be 2 walls of Bermuda Blue and 2 of Baby Blue.  We finished it and it looked great!

Ian, Will, Gabby and Becky then attacked the blackboards in easy classroom in turn and repainted then an impressive solid black.

They achieved so much today, working through the heat before the break in the weather was very tiring but they were determined.

Cecile has continued working with a young girl with special needs, encouraging her teachers in ways of helping the child, and today Angela and Joan took over the photographing and recording details of new sponsorship children.  The total in the scheme will then be 44, and to date only a few have sponsors.  So, please consider this way of helping RUSH help these needy children – speak to Wendy Littlemore soon.

We ended the day at Will’s choice of watering hole – the Golf Hotel and it was here, by the swimming pool the welcome rain turned the dusty African rock hard soil to bright bright red and we could smell that lovely wet soil soaking up the rain.

We had to wait for our lift back to ‘base’ chez Lucy and Andrew .  He had been to collect two puppies to train as guard dogs for the compound and that turned out to be a smelly and surprising journey.  Suddenly there was a scream from Cecile in the back seat – one puppy had got onto her seat and was trying to get on her lap!  It was very funny to see her clutching Angela hoping to be saved from this tiny 2 month puppy – but I think she will tell you more on the blog.  We did try to reassure her that you don’t get rabies from doggy pee, but it took a couple of hours before she believed us.

God bless you all and God bless Africa!

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7 comments on “Guest Blog post: Rose’s view from Kenya

  1. Melanie Jeffery
    February 17, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    Thanks Rose, for giving such a detailed account of one of your days spent with RUSH. You certainly all seem to be kept very busy. I loved the pictures, also seeing the picture of Cecile holding the little baby, I wondered if Gabi managed to hold one as well ? as she loves babies and little children.

    Hope you are all enjoying your stay with your African brothers and sisters, lots of love to them and to you Springfielders and of course extra love to my Gabi xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Melanie x

  2. Angie Cookson
    February 17, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    Hi Becky !!!
    You certainly seem to be very busy and in that heat too !! The blackboards look much .much better ! Well done lovely girl, I am sooooooo proud of you !
    I am sure you are on an emotional roller coaster too with all you are seeing and experiencing , you are doing extremely well love !!
    Granny and Pappa send lots of love to you – we showed Pappa how to look up your photos and he was delighted to see you in action in Kenya , and of course amazed at the technology !
    We are all missing you loads and can’t wait until Monday when we will see your cheery smile again and hear all your stories.

  3. Angie Cookson
    February 17, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    oops ! Me again!
    I pressed the button too quickly !!!
    Praying daily for you all
    Lots of love to everyone in the Springfield party and special love to my brave,youngest daughter !!!
    Angie/Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Angie Cookson
    February 17, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    Hi Becky
    Mum again! I forgot to say ,keep drinking that pre -boiled/bottled water !!!!
    Love you loads and loads to the moon and back!!!!!
    Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Angie Cookson
    February 17, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    Hi Rose
    Thanks for wriing up your day and thoughts. It all sounds so different from life here but reading the blog makes it a little easier to see what life is like out in RUSH.
    It must have been interesting to see the tailoring – are you going to have a dress made for you ? Enjoy the last few days !!!
    Looking forward to meeting you all at Heathrow soon !
    Love and God Bless Angie x

  6. smellofburntwiggle
    February 17, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

    Hi Rose

    Great to read your very evocative account. I can just imagine the welcome rain soaking into that red soil…. and of course the endless complications and diversions en route to doing things.

    Who’s the photo on the T shirt you’re holding up?

    Looks like the dining hall is being used for lessons as wellm bet the air circulates better than in the smaller classrooms. Those tinies look fairly crowded in their room. Are they ones sharing to permit the painting?

    Love the babyblue revised colourscheme! Ha ha re teenage lie-ins.

    Bless you all lots
    Rosie xx

  7. Eleanor Kendall
    February 19, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Well done Mum and to all your group, you’re doing amazing work.

    The TES and a head teacher on Twitter took an interest and retweeted the link to this blog…

    Have a safe journey home. Much love to all.

    Ellie xxxx

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