Videos of the Team on Safari

Quick post to say how the team got on going on Safari at Lake Nakuru. These were videos we took on the day but have only just got good enough internet to post. The first was taken half-way through overlooking the lake from Baboon outlook (Angie look away!!! :))

Lunch was “interesting”. The monkeys really tried every trick in the book to get our lunches. The strange thing is that the place we had lunch was in the open safari park and felt quite odd given the animals around the park to be taking it in an un-fenced area….

This is taken just before we left the park, taken in front of water buffalo and zebra’s (we had earlier found fresh lion prints here!!)

This is the “alternative” final take. Jumbo = fart! Did Angela really say that she had seen penguins at the safari park?????!!!! Decide for yourself!!


One comment on “Videos of the Team on Safari

  1. caroline morrison
    February 16, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    hi cecile, how are you doing, no blog from you.hope you haven’t been eaten !!. how are you doing, getting to grips with it all.take care, Auntie Caroline from sunny Hawkes-bay in new zealand.

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