Arrived in Kakamega

Well we arrived yesterday at lunchtime in Kakamega after a four drive up from Lake Nakuru. The drive included stopping off at the Equator for a photo.

The drive was pretty uneventful (though we had one part where the roads were very “special” with zigg-zagging across the highway to avoid the pot-holes (sometimes driving alongside the road as the road itself was so bad). Just before Kakamega we joined the main Kisumu-Kakamega road which used to be dreadful. But they have completed repairs and so it was soooo much better.

One thing that really surprised me this time was the main road outside Lucy and Andrew’s house which last time was virtually impassable to traffic was now a reasonable road. I asked if it had been repaired but it hadn’t – the weather had sorted it out!

We had lunch at Lucy and Andrew’s which consisted of Mandazi (a bit like doughnut).

After lunch it was off with Andrew to the school (Rose stayed behind for a rest). It was great to catch up with everyone at the school and to see the improvements that had been made there (a huge dining hall to seat the children for lunch from both schools).

It was a slightly lower key greeting than last time (which had been special because of Joan and the help to get Andrew well from his illness) but we still went to every class and had a poem or song performed to us which was lovely.

Then off to see the new site of the secondary school. It is about an acre in size and is slightly set back from the road. There are a number of traditional round mud huts with thatched roofs there at the moment which will be demolished. They are already laying the foundations of the science lab. There is certainly space to have a line of classrooms.

It was at this point that we had our first drama with Cecile being bitten by a large yellow and black spider which caused a bit of tension as to whether it was poisonous or not (saving Cecile’s blushes at this point!!). We decided we ought to nip into town and get some advice on it (the doctor Andrew rang prescribed some cream).

In town it was jobs time. Cream for Cecile (feeling calmer!), a modem USB stick, money for several people. But as we were at the bank a phone call came through that the bus had had a puncture and the driver left some children on the bus to come to town to pick up a tyre! Andrew left us at the Golf hotel, talking to an “interesting” business man there. Joan had met him before but he was in full charm mode (seemingly I am now “married” to Joan!!!!).

We got back about 7.30 for dinner. The house is fuller than last year with a couple of parents with children in the house as well. Couldn’t understand how they fit everyone in before but now!!!

Then to bed…..

Night experiences were mixed!

Cecile is threatening to stop being a vegetarian after a cockerel woke her this morning. She was saying this morning that when Paul and I had described the cockerel last year she had felt sympathy for it. No longer!! She is threatening to eat it!!!!

Rose had the experience of a tap pouring out water at 5.30am this morning and it not stopping. She had to wake Joan who couldn’t sort it and so had to get someone to come and help!

So all in all a normal day in Kakamega.

Today we’re off to see the widows and the craft. Most were making up parcels of vitamins from all those so generously donated at home.


3 comments on “Arrived in Kakamega

  1. Brigitte
    February 14, 2012 at 10:29 am #

    Well done all of you for coping with Cécile’s latest drama. That’s just a taste of more to come I’m sure. Give our favourite Drama Queen a huge hug for us!

  2. smellofburntwiggle
    February 14, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Glad everyone’s OK despite the tribulations of the adventure (they make a good story afterwards!)

    Great to see work starting on the secondary school site. Am trying to visualise what the Dining Hall would look like.

    Brought tears to my eyes seeing the school kids’ enthusiasm reciting. Not sure they were all seven years old though!

  3. Will Cookson
    February 14, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    smellofburntwiggle, welcome to the blog!

    The kids are great! We had 8 classrooms and a nursery perform to us which was awesome. One thing is that the children don’t necessarily go up in age order. Some have missed schooling or need to re-do. In fact there are a number of students who are adult in the upper class coming back to continue an interrupted education.

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