London Monopoly Route

This post is just the London Monopoly route that my daugher and I took to go to each of the places on the London Monopoly Board. I’m posting this as a number of people have asked me about the route we took as they wondered about doing it and hopefully it will save some time! To see the actual story of the day with all the photos then see the other post.

The journey could be done either on foot or using public transport (or mixture). It is great fun to do; Becky and I loved it. You may wish to take a map with you but we managed with just printing out the key areas around Old Kent Rd, the Fenchurch St->Whitechapel Rd and Marylebone. However, it will depend on how well you know the different parts of London!

We started at London Bridge station.

We went to under London Bridge on Tooley St to the purported site of the old water works there.

You can then continue down the embankment to the Tate Modern (the site of an old electricity power station).

Having done the utilities then head back to London Bridge and catch the no. 21 bus towards Lewisham. Get off at the Bricklayers arms (just over the big roundabout) and you have Old Kent Rd.

Back to the roundabout and down Tower Bridge Rd. You can wait for the no. 78 bus to take you over Tower Bridge. We chose to walk (about 15 mins). We past many bettings shops on our route (Chance). From Tower Bridge you get the Mayor’s Office (Community Chest!) and then the Tower of London (Jail). From the Tower it is a short walk to Fenchurch St. Then walking towards Aldgate you get Vine St. Past Aldgate and East Aldgate stations you come to Whitechapel Rd.

Back to Aldgate East and hop on the Metropolitan line to Liverpool St Station. From there you have a choice. You can take the 205 bus which takes you via all the key sites to Marylebone station or you can do the first part by staying on the tube. We chose the tube and changing at Moorgate got to Angel (as in Angel, Islington). We then proceeded to Kings Cross and got off. From there Pentonville, Euston Rd and Kings Cross are all within touching distance of each other.

The a choice of the 205 bus or tube. We chose the 205 bus and soon reached Marylebone Station. 

Then from there the number 2 bus takes you down to Marble Arch (though at the moment you need to get to Baker St due to roadworks to get the bus). At Marble Arch you get off and immediately you have Park Lane (and any space between Park Lane and Bond St is Mayfair). Then back up to Oxford St. Along Oxford St to New Bond St (or if you prefer the Bond St Underground). Continue along Oxford St to Oxford Circus and then down Regent St. Off of Regent St is Great Marlborough St. Continue down Regent St to Picadilly Circus. Off Picadilly Circus is your next street – Picadilly. There is an alternative to Vine St just a little further down Picadilly and up Swallow St if you prefer this one to the earlier one by Fenchurch St.

After Picadilly its back towards Leicester Square via the connecting street of Coventry Street. Then its down to Trafalgar Square to finish off the rest of them. Off of Trafalgar Square we have Pall Mall, Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue. Then its down the Strand, past Charing Cross Station towards the Aldwych (either walking or by bus). At the Aldwych go up Wellington St. There you will find Bow St. Then back down to the Aldwych and along to Fleet Street. Then you have finished!!

We also added in a lottery sign for chance and asked a policeman to pose sending Becky to jail (which he kindly agreed to!). It was great fun and we both thoroughly enjoyed our day – well worth doing!


4 comments on “London Monopoly Route

  1. littlecaramia
    June 15, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Thank you for the detailed route – My husband and I wanted to venture out on the Monopoly Trail and your post makes things so simple!

    • Will Cookson
      June 15, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

      Really pleased that it helped you and hope you have a great time. My daughter and I really enjoyed the day,

  2. Marian
    May 13, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

    wow!! How long did it take. We are travelling to London from Tasmania (Australia) and wanted to do this. Thank you for all your hard work

    • Will Cookson
      May 13, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

      The length of time depends on how much you use public transport! If you walk the whole way then it is an all day affair. The day is well worth it and you will see parts of London that are a bit run down! We did it in under 6 hours by using buses etc.

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