It’s Snowing…. Services in danger!

Just a quick note to say that given that snow is falling now (as forecast!) we will need to check in the morning as to whether we can hold the services tomorrow.

We aim to make a decision no later than 9am tomorrow morning as to whether either of Wallington Girls or St Paul’s services can go ahead. Please check back here or on the website – and please let others know! This may well disrupt the evening service as well.

Sunday Morning Update 8.30am

We have been unable to get hold of Wallington Girls school and given that quite a few of the key people would have to set off now to get there in time we have taken the decision to cancel the Wallington Girls service this morning.

On a happier note the St Paul’s service WILL be going ahead this morning. If you would like to come to a service this morning then please do come to St Paul’s on Roundshaw (next to the Phoenix Centre).

The evening service at St Paul’s will also be cancelled.


One comment on “It’s Snowing…. Services in danger!

  1. Jean
    February 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Just had a Twilight Zone moment. Started to think about services then checked website and found your blog – within 4 minutes of you posting it!
    Will check back tomorrow too. Thanks for info.

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