An Interview with Tony Benn and the influence of faith

Tony isn’t my favourite politician but my daughter did an interview with him for Varsity Magazine which you can read here.

What was actually more interesting was that faith came up in the interview and although it was mainly left out of the interview I thought it quite interesting and so I have transcribed that part of the interview

….. Mother was an theologian

“What influence did she have?”

She was very interested in theology and wanted to be a Christian Minister but the Church of England wouldn’t ordain women. So, she left the Church of England and joined the Congregationalists.

And we used to read the Bible every night and I remember on one occasion she said to me “Has it ever occurred to you that when we read the Bible, the Bible is the story of the conflict between the Kings who had power and the prophets who preached righteousness”. And she taught me to support the prophets against the Kings and it got me into a lot of trouble in my life.

Looking back on it I think she was right. Every political issue is really a moral issue. Is it right or wrong? You can disagree about it, but it shouldn’t be ‘is it profitable or unprofitable’. It should be ‘is it a right or wrong decision’, a moral choice. And she believed that Christian teaching helped you with that.

It’s an interesting viewpoint and interesting how influential his parents faith was on his life.

One other thing that was interesting was that it appears that he has a number of Spitting Images characters shelf.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Illness and the busyness of life have intervened!


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