New video of The Mix

I’m really excited that we have just finished off our video of The Mix. The Mix is our monthly youth event that we hold and I wanted to share with you what its all about and give you a flavour of what they get up to.

It is a great time and we regularly have over 60 young people come to it. It is very much an event that our church youth invite their friends to (as opposed to an open youth evening). Indeed the local council are wanting to get us involved with ideas for youth provision on the estate where we hold it.

Hope you enjoy the video and tell us what you think!


One comment on “New video of The Mix

  1. Angela Baker
    December 8, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Brilliant video. Well done to Becca & the team for providing such a great (monthly) event for our youngsters to enjoy. I know from speaking to one of their Mums last week that they really look forward to the Mix, it’s a big event in their calendar!
    God bless,
    Angela xx

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