Last week to decide…..

This is the last week to decide if you want to join us for the trip to the RUSH project in Kakamega in Kenya. It is a privilege to be part of the group going to share their ministry there and if you are wondering whether you should go or not then read on….

RUSH is an amazing project that is trying to meet the needs of those often overlooked in the area around Kakamega in Western Kenya.

Main Road near Andrew and Lucy, Kakamega

This includes many children who are orphaned and educated in the RUSH run school,

RUSH Academy school children greetting Springfield Church

RUSH academy children greeting Springfield party

widows who are helped through the food programme and house building projects,

building a house for a widow

helping people to learn a trade such as carpentry or sewing to enable them to earn a living.

Learning carpentry skills

Obviously, we can’t sort out all the needs of those their. Our giving does give a little practical help but it says in big bold letters – someone cares. Our going exhibits solidarity with them – and you won’t come back unmoved or unchanged!

The dates that the party from Springfield are planning to go are the 10th – 20th February. The total cost should be around £1,000 to go. This includes the flight, board and lodging in Kakamega,  a one day safari at Lake Nakuru and travel. In addition there will be drinks and snacks etc to buy – you might even want to buy a specially made shirt, skirt or outfit made specially for you!

If you are interested then let me know this week!


One comment on “Last week to decide…..

  1. Wendy L
    November 8, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    I can’t stress enough that if you’re thinking about going – then go!!
    All the little practical issues like ‘injections, loo/shower facilities, etc…’ are so unimportant when you get there – honest!
    It is the most exciting, humbling, amazingly powerful, life-changing journey you will ever go on……..
    Really happy to chat to anyone that’s got any questions………trust me, no question is too stupid – I asked them all before I went!!!
    Wendy x

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