Collect for the Week

A weekly collection of mainly religious stories that I thought were really interesting (click on links to read):

  1. Would Jesus support Palestinian statehood bid. By Carl Medearis, very interesting religio-political take on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the role of Christian Zionists.
  2. Archbishop Rowan Williams in conversation with comedian Frank Skinner – from news release can get to an audio of their conversation in Canterbury Cathedral
  3. Pastor in the Present Tense – Interview with Eugene Peterson (responsible for the Message translation) about being a Pastor
  4. The ten happiest jobs – complied by Steve Denning in Forbes magazine (there is also the ten most hated as well)
  5. Why breaking up is so hard to do – wondered what and why the euro crisis is so important and what its about then this article by Martin Wolf of the FT is for you. You will need to sign up for the FT to get it (there is a free sign-up with limited number of articles you can read per month)
  6. Ten Years On Really interesting article on the decline of the West by the Chief Rabbi and what to do about it.
  7. Christ, the Church and Pat Robertson – Very moving and powerful rebuttal of Pat Robertson’s view that it is ok to divorce someone with Alzheimer and marry someone else by Russell Moore

Finally, my most popular post of the week (by numbers reading it that is) is



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