Dr Paula Gooder on interpreting the bible

One of the most inspirational bible scholars that I have heard in recent years is Dr Paula Gooder. She has come and spoken several times in the diocese and what has been amazing has been her ability to speak to people from across the traditions and her enthusiasm for the bible.

In the clip below she has interesting things to say how a community needs others to be able to interpret the bible, her frustration with reading the lectionary and why its alright to be real with God.

This clip is actually an audio clip of a conversation that she had with Bishop Graham Kings (an ex lecturer of mine when I was at Ridley Hall out of interest to those who care). This is the 3rd out of 4 clips. I have put links to the other clips if you would like to listen to them.

Part 1: Re-Creation and South Sudan
Part 2: The God of the Old and New Testament
Part 3: Interpreting the Bible
Part 4: How to start reading the Bible


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