Great staff away day

It was great having our staff away day yesterday at St Andrew’s, Edenbridge.

Each year we have a leaders away day which has grown in size since I first arrived at Springfield. On my first year it was held in a room in the local primary school and consisted of the PCC only. This year we invited about 50 to attend! This included the PCC, staff, small group leaders and pastors and ministry leaders.

We have seen the benefit of this as it has enabled us to look at more complex and church changing decisions – such as the launch of the new congregation in Roundshaw. It has enabled us to look, as we did this year, at creating new ministries to serve our community.

St Andrews, Edenbridge

Last year we added a new day. This was for the staff and wardens. We, like this year, went to St Andrew’s in Edenbridge to take time out to pray and to work through various areas.

These days are looking to change how the staff work together. With Donna joining us in a week and a half’s time and with our new congregation in Roundshaw there is a pace change in how we need to work. The key is ensuring that we are working together more and more as a close-knit team. Not only in terms of communication but also to ensure that we overlap what we do and how we support one another more.

This will mean that each of us knows not only what each member of the staff team is doing but also looking at how each member can help other members. For example, Chris raised the idea that she could have helped out on the Roundshaw residents day and encouraged people with families – which is one of her great gifts.

It could be that we look at the way we react to situations and instead of just doing something we look if someone has an idea that can make it do even better.

So yesterday we worked through our different areas of responsibilities and looked at the problems and opportunities and looked to see where we could discuss how we can help one another.

Each person had time to present their area and to get feedback and ideas from people.

A key to yesterday was helping the team function even better – increasing the levels of trust and openness, challenging ideas and plans to see how we can make them better.

Yesterday was great. It was great to pray and chat and plan together. We are so blessed to have such a great set of people working hard to help Springfield grow and mature. There is lots that we will bring away from yesterday and that will feed into the life of the Church over the coming weeks and months.

Staff and Wardens Team


One comment on “Great staff away day

  1. Vepada Sanjeevi Das
    July 20, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Thanks Lord for His grace upon us. I want to know more biblical issues. Pls pray for me and for my family. I love all of u. I will pray for all of u & ur ministry activities.



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