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I thought that you all might like to read Andrew and Lucy’s latest newsletter from Kakamega, Kenya. Just came through today. Photos are from our trip out there as reminders or to help visualise.

Dear ALL,

Phyllis & Andrew

We thank God for your support especially my operation last year. It was a challenging moment for our work and the family. Thank you very much for your financial support and prayers. We are doing well in the Lord and busy with project work. I and Lucy went back for my medical checkup this year March at St. Georges hospital and thank God all was well and I coordinated a meeting between Doctors, Nurses and RUSH UK to discuss the way forward for RUSH Kenya medical camp for this year, remember I went as a Patient last year but this time round as a coordinator God is good all the time. Our daughter Phylis passed her O LEVEL exams last year with A star and Eric our son who did his final primary exams passed as well, he is now in high school and Phylis will be joining university in September this year.  

RUSH ACADEMY PRIMARY SCHOOL : We thank God for our school which is doing so well academically, they did exams last year with 56 schools in the district and emerged top school, they collected all the six trophies i.e. the best overall, Math, English, Science. Social studies and Kiswahili. This year they did another exams and managed to retain all the trophies again which was excellent performance for the school. We managed to build 4 more class rooms through the support of RUSH UK, its because of your effort and support that makes all this success . Another development this year was electricity, the children are enjoying their studies and stay at school. They are having good learning environment, that was a big a chievement through your support. Another achievement this year has been a new school bus, it has made our school to be the most admireable in Kakamega community.

We thank God for Springfield Church for their kind donation towards a new school land which we are working out to buy for RUSH ACADEMY {SECONDARY SCHOOL} which we are yet to commence building in due course, May the Lord continue blessing the work of their hands and meet the desires of their hearts as they continue supporting the work of the needy in the community.

Jacqueline and Joan painting

The school is looking so beautiful because of a team from Springfield Church which came this year February to paint and also a team from Oxford which did also excellent job of painting this year in April. Another move is the Posho Mil, we managed to set up the machine which is helping to grant flour for the school and also the  community around the school.

We kindly request all our suppoters to put more effort towards the school future plans of having Secondary to enable our children who are doing their final primary exams this year to continue with their higher education. In africa we belief that, education is the only key to success and also to eradicate poverty in the community. The challenge we are facing at the moment is raising teachers salaries, but we hope in due course after our class eight canditates passing or excelling in their final exams this year, we will be able to enrol more paying parents to help the school to be self sustainable in the future. The cost of fuel has gone up which has made the cost of essential items go up in prices .

We thank God for St. Andrews school, Tennsions school and others in UK which are willing to support RUSH SECONDARY SCHOOL in future.

RUSH VACATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL : The institution is doing very well in all aspects. The students who did their government trade test last year, they all pased. The teachers and students are both committed and hardworking. Its our prayer that, we build our own training college near RUSH ACADEMY for easy management and also avoid paying rent every month.

We thank God for Vineyard Church who have made the college to succeed through provision of rent. We are looking forward for this year graduation ceremony for our students who excelled in their exams during our RUSH 10th anniversary where we will be giving out sawing machines and other tools to our students to help them start business to be self sustainble and improve their living standards.

We thank TWAM and WORKAID for the tools we received, you are a big vessels for our college, you touch many lives through skills and experience. May the Lord God expand the work of your organizations as you continue helping people in africa.

HOUSING PROJECT: A big thank you to all who are contributing towards resettling the widows who have no hope to have hope and good future. We managed to build a house for MARRIA ANDENYI, we have done the fencing busia land, we have build toilets and now we are building a house for MIRRIAM and REHEMA. The project has brought a big change and impact in the community by reaching unreached and meeting needs physically. We are looking forward to resettle more windows in the near future. Thank you very much!!!!

AGRICULTURE: We thank God we managed to secure back the land we were almost loosing. Besidess the challenges, we managed to prepare the land and planted on time. The maize and beans are doing very well due to lots of rains we are having at the moment. We did the weeding and we are looking forward for harvesting beans this week and the maize end of August. Thank God for whyteleafe free Church for their support, what we harvested last year was not enough to sustain us throughtout the year. It forced us to purchase more maize and beans for the school and windows.

FEEDING PROGRAME Feeding the needy, the aged and HIV/AIDS has brought big impact in the community especially this time of famine. A big thank you to those who are contributing towards the programe. Its overwhelming when people turn up in big numbers waiting to be fed. It moves our hearts when we see people smile after feeding. Thank God we now have enough funds to feed for three month. May the Lord God meet the desires of those people donating in kind to feed the needy.

RUSH FOOTBALL TEAM : We are on the process to commence the league again. In 2009 we emerged the winners to play Premier league, but things turn out opposite due to corruption in football in the country. We took our case to high court using our RUSH Lwayer and we are still waiting for justice to be done. The challenge we are having at the moment is football facilities and funds to boost the club. We hope things are going to change because we are having elections of football body in the country. We pray that we get good people who can manage football and promote youth talents in the community….. We welcome any support from our friends in UK towards our club. We are hopping in future to have youth football exchange programe with other clubs from UK for betterment of our football exposure. Plans are under way to have RUSH FOOTBALL ACADEMY for under 14 years, under 18 years and under 20 years. We are also planning to start rugby club very soon, we need your support and prayers. Any one willing to come on board to assist this programe is highly welcome.

RUSH MICROFINANCE : We thank God for those people who are excelling in businesses . We managed to loan out small funds to people who are doing pretty well. We are on process of commencing the programe very soon. We have written business plan to Springfield Church, RUSH UK and the Five talents UK. We hope to extend the programe through groups loaning. We are going to base on registered groups in Kakamega county. We are preparing people who will be working in the field through training, we are also planning to visit all the group leaders and members for training. Its through microfinance that we can change the lives of people living underpoverty line by loaning them and teach them how to do business and savings.

RUSH POULTRY: Thank God our second load of chickens are now laying eggs, we collect at least 140 eggs per day. Some of this eggs go to school and the rest we sell to buy feeds and vacinne….. its now self sustainable project. Thank you very much Springfield Church.

RUSH DAIRY: We thank on the BoxMission and other friends who bought for us cows. We have now enough milk for the school. Our children are very healthy due to good balance diet.

RUSH MEDICAL CAMP : Last year we had min- medical camp where we had more than 1000 people seen in a day. This year we are organizing big Medical Camp in collaboration with a team from St. Goerges hospital London early october. We will also have a seminar for all Doctors and Nurses from our Province for a week facilitated by the team from UK. Big thank you to ALL, its your effort and support that we are able to move forward. God bless you more abundantly as we continue to work together. Andrew and Lucy


One comment on “Latest Newsletter from RUSH

  1. Janet
    June 16, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    Extremely interesting to read this Newsletter.. Best wishes for continuing your good work. Sorry to read about the corruption. Alas.

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