105,000 Christians are killed every year

That is the shocking figure that is contained in a news report in the Christian post. This figure is the total number of Christians killed for their faith each year. These figures were presented at the “International Conference on Inter-religious dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims,” held in Hungary.

Massimo Introvigne, representative of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) on Combating Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, added that these figures did not include the victims of civil wars, or wars between nations, but only the people put to death because they are Christians.

That is equal to one death every 5 minutes. I have reported on some of the violence that Christians have experienced before here and here and here.

It puts into perspective the relatively mild abuse that Christians receive in this country. In places like North Korea and in some parts of Africa and the Middle East the persecution can be severe. Its why we need to continue to support our brothers and sisters and their religious rights. Why we need to continue to support organisations such as Opendoors, Barnabas Fund and  CSW so that persecuted Christians have a voice.

There is hope in places. In Egypt the conference heard that they were looking to pass new laws

Mahmoud Aly told congregants that the North African country was preparing to pass a number of laws that would protect the Christian minorities in Egypt.

Aly explained that new legislation would ensure those that commit hate speech, or gather in hostile groups outside churches, would be prosecuted.

It’s also great that Hungary has put on this conference as the highlight of its EU presidency! You really can’t imagine our government doing anything like this.

In China, well known for its human rights abuses, there are increasing questions about the role of Christianity:

The officially atheist Chinese government is surprisingly open to Christianity, at least partially, because it sees a link between the faith and economic success, said a sought after scholar who has relations with governments in Asia.

according to Dr. William Jeynes, senior fellow of The Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, N.J. I’m not sure that this will change much as they still appear to want total control but positive steps need to be encouraged.

So, what can we do? We can protest when there is obvious violence against Chrsitians purely because they are Christian. We can join and support CSW, Barnabus Fund and Open Doors and Amnesty International. We can write letters to embassies and demand better conditions. It was obvious in the Cold War that the lobbying by Jewish groups meant that Jewish people were better treated than Christians in the Eastern Bloc. Maybe we have something to learn.





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