Andrew and Lucy coming to Springfield this Sunday

I am delighted to say that Andrew and Lucy will be coming to Springfield Church this Sunday morning.  Andrew is over for a check-up after his major operation last year. This will mean that there are a number of changes to the service this sunday.

Firstly, we will still have an All Age service at Wallington Girls but it will be the length of a normal service. The Kenyan team will be interviewed as will Andrew and Lucy. Lucy will preach. There will be a craft table out in the foyer for children to make things to enable those children who are bored or restless to make things (hopefully connected to Africa/Kenya!).

The Roundshaw congregation won’t be joining us as they want to keep a rhythm to their services (with a number of interruptions due in April).

This is a great opportunity to hear about RUSH and their vision and enjoy talking to them. They are doing an inspirational work in Kenya and they are well worth making the effort to come and hear them.

After the service there is a shared lunch put on by the Bowen Cell which all are welcome to come to – including those at Roundshaw. If you are coming please do bring food to share. It will start at 12.45 at the scout hut behind Cafe Nero on Wallington High St. Food is usually served from 1.15/1.30.

Again this is a chance to talk to Andrew and Lucy. I know that all of us who went over were really inspired with all that they do and how they live their lives. They are involved in so many community activities aimed at helping those in real need – They are well worth meeting and hearing.

They will be staying with the Church from Friday afternoon until Tuesday or Wednesday (details of where are being worked out!). They will be attending the Men’s Cell Frog Race evening on Saturday as well. If you would like them to visit something going on at Springfield give me a call.

Whether you are part of Springfield or not you are more than welcome to come on Sunday and if you are part of Springfield do consider inviting people to come and hear the story of the RUSH visit by the team as well as Andrew and Lucy speaking.


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