Roads in Kenya

Well, I have Nigel’s camcorder connection back and can upload some more of the videos now. I won’t load all of them up but there are some that give you a feel of the place.

This one is a video of our driving along a couple of typical roads around Kakamega. These certainly aren’t the worst examples (and there are a few bits that are better) but I think that you will notice the difference to the UK! In fact when we first left Heathrow and drove on English roads it felt very unnatural – far too smooth, no swerving around potholes, driving along the kerb etc etc

The roads in Kenya are usually not great – especially outside major towns. So Nairobi and Kisumu are not too bad. Also the Great North Road that runs from South Africa to Cairo is actually pretty good (other than the section where people were allowed to drive before the tarmac dried!

But many of the other roads are either potholed to the extreme or dirt tracks or both.

So with the pictures in mind here is a small snippet of us driving on a couple of roads in Kakamega. One is a dirt road and the other a “tarmac” one:

Another video showing their repairing the main Kizumu-Kakamega road (at the kakamega end). Notice the number of people and the bumpiness of the road even when it is repaired:

Final video (on roads!) showing repairs on the main junction in Kakamega:


One comment on “Roads in Kenya

  1. Brian Hodge
    March 1, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    You ought to go back in the wet season – I even got the 4×4 stuck last year and the whole village had to lift us out!!


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