Wednesday – Quick Update

A couple of the others will be blogging later but realised that I haven’t updated you all on a couple of things.

All the children and teachers, as of this morning are back at school, which is just incredibly good news.

Ben is a lot better. The doctor (or rather his assistant) has stopped coming round to check on him. He is up and about now which is great. Hasn’t joined in the painting (just says we’re too slow!) but he is much stronger and has come out with us the last couple of days.

There is still no water to Lucy and Andrew’s house and I think we nearly totally ran out this morning. Ken, who lives with Lucy and Andrew, will be wheelbarrowing the water in plastic casks to fill up the indoor tank. There are then the other plastic casks that will be filled up for us to use for washing, the toilet etc. This is the famine season and there are areas of Kenya where people are dying of starvation. So this is small beer for many in this

We met three american girls at the Golf Hotel (our refuge for a swim and a beer) who are working out here for a year. One of the interesting things that they told us was how they had an experiment to live as a poor Kenyan for a week. This involved living (including rent) on 80 shillings a day. They rented a mud hut. They carried their water from the local stream on their heads (very sore neck and shoulders by the wednesday). They had to decide whether they bought kerosene for their lamp or fruit each day. They lived on ugali and sukumawiki (maize and kale). They said that having to live on so little they realised how hard it was to do anything requiring energy.

We left the house late this morning as we had a visitor to the house. This was one of the widows from yesterday who had come around to sell some of her jewelry. She makes these from anything that she can find – bits of metal etc. This often happens in Andrew and Lucy’s house (in fact we had a similar visitor this evening – male this time) and can sometimes delay things quite considrably.

Today, we managed to finish the painting of the school (well except for one small bit that none of us were prepared to climb high on a Kenyan ladder to paint!).

Caryl and Rosie and Maggie all did some teaching. 

Class 5 writing to Parish Church Juniors Kingsfisher Class

Rosie was showing her class the letters from Parish Church, Croydon. They were vey excited to receive them and immediately started writing letters in reply. As you can imagine (especially if you read the previous post from Caryl you will realise both how little that they have but also how much they appreciate small things).

Paul was repairing one of the cars back at the compound and was able to get their blue car up and running which is great news. Tomorrow he is going to service their two small buses at the school to make sure that they are ok and in sound condition.

Quite a few of the party have had made African clothes at a local “fundhi” having chosen some “interesting” material to make it with – very vibrant and fun. Making things out here is incrediby cheap (about £1.50 a metre and then about £4 to make it up).


One comment on “Wednesday – Quick Update

  1. Angela Hope
    February 23, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    I am so pleased that this is so full of good news, the children back to school and Ben back on his feet, if still rather weak. So many blessings.
    I will kind of miss these blogs and the routine of dashing to the computer when I return from work to see the next instalment.
    God bless
    Love to you all

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