Urgent Update – Please pray

We have just heard the news that one of the school buses has had an accident and that some of the children on board have been injured. Lucy and Andrew left the compound very worried – rushing out to see what the situation was.

We don’t know any more news but I will update this post with more news in the coming hours when I hear anything more.

Please pray for the children on the bus and their families. This is a very worrying time.

9am Update

Thank God no children are badly hurt – some of them are receiving first aid at the hospital but nothing too serious. We are soooooo relieved – life can feel quite precarious out here and this is seriously good news.

9.15 Update

It appears that the bus went into the ditch and that many of the children are at the hospital receiving first aid. But because the bus didn’t roll the children were not too badly hurt and the bus isn’t (on first appearances) too badly damaged.

Update 2.45pm

All children, bus driver and conductor have been discharged from hospital which is great news. Not quite certain how many but at least one child needed some stitches. The police towed the bus away for inpection but it has just been towed back to the compound and so I assume they must have everything they need.

Update 3.08pm

Just heard from Andrew that 5 children required stitches but all are now out of hospital. You can imagine how shocked people at RUSH are feeling. Not totally sure what happened. The bus driver says that the vehicle lost control but that hasn’t been verified.

Obviously, it is a blow for RUSH that the bus will need mending (if it can be mended).

Update 3:45

Here are some pictures of the bus – a miracle that the injuries weren’t an awful lot worse and that there weren’t any deaths:

Update 19.00

Speaking with Andrew and Lucy this evening. They have said that they met with the parents this afternoon. I had not realised until this evening that their eldest daughter, Phyllis, was seated next to the driver this morning. The parents have been very supportive of Lucy and Andrew.

Some of the gifts that we brought over have been given to the children involved in the crash including some bears brought by Jacqueline. I am hoping to put up a picture of the children later.

Do pray for the complete healing of all the children and especially for any emotional scars. I cannot see (having looked inside the bus) how some didn’t die or have far worse injuries.

Obviously, albeit very much secondly compared to the children, do pray for the transport – it had 40 children on it this morning and provides a vital service for getting children from the outlying villages an education that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Thirdly, and in the right order, we have run out of water! The water supply to our house has stopped (so fewer luxurious washes in a bowl!!). Seemingly this has happened for up to two weeks in the past. One of the family, Ken, has been wheel-barrowing the water to the house – but with so many of us this is an extra strain. Please pray that the water would be restored.


3 comments on “Urgent Update – Please pray

  1. Janet
    February 21, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    I have just received notice from Jacqueline about this blog. I will read backwards later. Am sure you know what I mean by backwards.
    Janet in Seattle, 7:45 a.m. Monday February 21, President’s Day

    • Will Cookson
      February 21, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

      Hi Janet,

      Will tell Jacqueline that you are reading it. I am hoping that she will be writing a blog post on this in a day or two – she especially is looking forward to doing some visiting of the widows in the next day or two.


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