Painting, mechanics and uniforms…..

Golf Hotel, Kakamega

Golf Hotel, Kakamega

Well the last couple of days have been getting better and better. We’ve just had lunch at the Golf Hotel where we also had a swim. We took Lucy and her children (extended included) for a swim followed by lunch.


Their eldest, Phyllis, told me that it was only the second time that they had been there for a swim.

The last two days has been a mixture of activities mainly centred around RUSH Academy (this is likely to change from tomorrow with the church and then the widows and tailor projects – although I am sure that we will be back for some more painting and teaching etc).

Paul helping Ken fix the bus

Yesterday most of the team were at the Academy (with the exceptions of Ben, Paul and myself). Paul was working on jobs around the compound and especially the Bus. His pal, Ken is training to be a mechanic and they have the bus back up and running. Still a few things that would fail its MOT in the UK but better than average around here!

We were expecting the doctor to check up on Ben (we were told he would be there early on). However, time marched on (allowing me to post all those blog updates on Friday!) and eventually the doctor’s sidekick turned up with some extra medication from the doctor. Ben had a goodish day yesterday and spent some time at the school. Feeling a bit worse today but still well enough to come to lunch at the Golf Hotel.

Painting classrooms

The painting is still going on apace, although not fast enough to Ben’s eye – he’s a hard taskmaster! The heat gets quite high (its about 33 today and due to be 31-32 all next week – look on all ye cold Londoners and weep!!!!) and its a bit hot by lunchtime to be working. So today we went in earlier to start painting to try and miss some of the heat.


Most of us are a bit wary of the ladder that is available to use – had another spill on it today – so we’re wondering whether to leave the painting high up to those more adventurous than ourselves – cowardly I know!

Maggie teaching a class - with an inattentive pupil at the back

Maggie, Caryl and Rosie all did some more teaching today. They all seemed to enjoy as did the pupils. It was actually fun to listen to the teaching going on in the classrooms. Outside one I heard a teacher asking how many seasons in the year. Thinking there were four I was suprised to hear (although obvious in retrospect) that there were only two – rainy and dry!

Making bricks

We also saw the brickmen making their bricks – some 750 a day. As you can see rather messy work! They are, as I have said previously, making them to save money for making new buildings.



Wallington Girls and Sutton Grammar Uniforms

We also had the opportunity of bringing in the uniforms that had so generously been donated by schools and individuals. A special thanks to Sutton Grammar and Wallington Girls. The children really loved the uniforms donated and were so grateful for them – any more around would always be very gratefully received!!

So tomorrow its off to church and my one hour preach!!



3 comments on “Painting, mechanics and uniforms…..

  1. nig
    February 19, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    somebody sitting on the sofa just along from me reckons that an hour’s preach will be easy for you!!

  2. Sue Bosley
    February 20, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    Dear all in Kakamega
    It was exciting to know that the Springfield church family were part of yet another congregation this morning! Our thoughts and prayers were with you all, especially Ben who we pray will recover his strength quickly.
    Its great to hear how you are using your many talents as a group to get involved with the academy – we enjoyed sharing some of the photos of you all in action during the service this morning.
    One suggestion – how about buying a more sturdy step ladder, or failing that, borrowing one from the hotel!?
    Look forward to more news from you all x

  3. Angela Hope
    February 21, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    I have a sneaky feeling the ladder at the hotel will not be much better than the ones they are using having stayed in kenya before.
    It is nice to see everybody using their talents and making a real difference-Caryl the stepping in at thelast moment must have brought back memories of stepping into classes at the last moment-was there a lesson plan?
    I am glad to see that Paul has found his feet with the vehicles, a bit worried that he doesn’t seem to wearing a hat but then I read the b log and understood why? very sensible.
    Hope Ben is getting stronger and nice to hear that he hasn’t lost his sense of humour long the way Was away the weekend and have had such alot to catch up on. I am so relived that the children, driver and conductor of the bus escaped with minor injuries although shock is a horrible thing too. I pray that they have God’s peace to help them recover quicly from the phsical and mental trauma that they are experiencing.
    God bless Angela Hope

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