Thursday morning – Quick update

Just a quick note of what we are up to today.

Ben is still recovering his strength. He is still not well. He has now got cold sores and mouth ulcers but he is getting stronger and is currently sitting next to me drinking a cup of tea!

Paul is staying back this morning to work on the RUSH vehicles, some of which have a few problems – gear boxes, no tyres etc!

Harvey, Rosie, Sally and Joel are off with Lucy to the rainforest having missed the safari earlier in the week.

Caryl will be observing nursery classes to help her have an idea of the level that she could do some teaching at.

The rest of us are going into town, buy some paint and then paint some of the classrooms.

We all had a much better night’s sleep though when Rosie woke up this morning and opened her suitcase found a mouse. After a shriek or two it ran off out of the room!!

More later on this afternoon!


One comment on “Thursday morning – Quick update

  1. natalie locherer
    February 17, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    David and Annabel have been very interested to see the photo’s of Grandma in Kenya, but they wonder why she isn’t ‘doing anything’ in the photo’s and complained that they thought she was meant to be working! Looking forward to more pictures.

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