Made it to Kakamega…..

Well we’ve arrived at Kakamega.

We had a delightfully varied 5 hour drive up from Lake Nakuru up to Kakamega. The first part of the journey was on the best road we have been on in Kenya. It is called the Great North Road and goes from South Africa all the way up to Cairo. Loads of big lorries on it – a few broken down.

We passed the spot where over  a hundred were killed some four years ago when a petrol tanker broke down. The locals tried to take the petrol and it exploded killing them.

Poverty is endemic in Kenya. The people at the hotel were paid 3,000 shillings a month (about 25 pds). You see the huge poverty as you drive up the roads. What’s amazing is their cheerfulness. You can see shacks where children come out to school all in smart uniforms (school starts at 5am and finishes about 6pm!!!!).

On The equator  - Kenya

On The equator

We passed the equator and had someone show us how water drains in different directions depending whether you are north or south of the equator and how it doesn’t drain in either direction on the equator. I will try and post a video when I get better internet connection!


Tea plantation - kenya, workers picking tea

Picking tea

We passed lots of tea plantations on the hills on the way. Couldn’t resist taking a picture given how much my beloved wife loves it so!

The final part of the journey was on increasingly deteriorating roads. Firstly enormous potholes that everyone drives around and then finally dirt roads (some of which we had to make detours around).

Welcome by Rosie, Harvey, Sally and Joel

Welcome by Rosie, Harvey, Sally and Joel

We finally made it to RUSH about 2pm to be met by Rosie, Harvey, Sally and Joel and our host Lucy (not in the picture). You can see that it was hot!! Had a wonderful welcome with lots of fuss and drinks. So pleased to have got here.

Ben has been a lot more unwell than we had thought. The doctor was called out and he had blood tests. The believe that he brought a bug out with him from the UK. He is definitely on the mend but is still a bit weak. Do pray that he recovers full strength soon.

We’ve just had an amazing (took over an hour and was hot!! This was a 20 minute walk!!!!!) walk into town to get to this internet cafe. Such an amazing a buzzing town – so many people. Might stop off at the Golf Hotel on the way back to get a beer!!

So tomorrow we start. Probably off to the school but who knows?????

Rosie will be making a blog post shortly to share what they have been up to in the last two days.


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