On Safari

Well what an amazing day. This was our holiday. Tomorrow we squeeeeeeeze everything back into the bus and struggle with our half ton of luggage to Kakamega. Its happened this way round because of the luggage – a day or two off is normal on an expedition but at the beginning is when we need the bus.

But today was our holiday.

And what a holiday!

The safari was in a “small” safari park at Lake Nakuru. But it was absolutely stunning. We saw monkey’s, zebra, gazelle, water buffalo, flamingo, pelikans, giraffe and white rhino’s amongst many others.

It was spectacular. Today I am leaving it up to the photos.

Other than to say that when we found the rhino’s in the afternoon they were sleeping under a tree – 7 of them – white rhinos (very rare) which are being conserved at Lake Nakuru. Our wonderful guide Peter brought the bus to within 20 feet of them and then slammed the door to waken them . They jumped up (a couple of them had a bid of a tussle) and must say their was a bit of a fright for some (including the guide!!)

PS Updated the last picture gallery to allow you to get the full picture when you click on it. The same is true for this one.


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