New Series – Theological Questions to which the Answer is No

I have long been an admirer of the journalist John Rentoul of the Independent. He has given us answers to some of the great questions of our time such as:

I don’t always agree with him but I always want to engage with him (unlike some others) even if don’t verbalise it.

So in homage to his long running series “Questions to which the answer is no” I thought I would launch my (probably pitifully short series) “Theological questions to which the answer is no.”

No.1 in the series was kicked into action by a question posed by Time magazine:

Does the Death of 200 Cows in Wisconsin Confirm Biblical Prophecy?

Group of CowsSeemingly there have been a whole load of deaths of cows in Wisconsin and along with all the other series of mass deaths of animals such as the mass death of birds in Arkansas and Louisiana or the mass death of fish in Jervis bay in Australia and in other places has made some question whether this is a forerunner of the Second Coming.

Well the answer is no.

All of these deaths had natural explanations. Pollution, illness etc.

People have been pointing to every key event to be the harbinger of the second coming through history. The 30 years war in the 1600’s saw many see Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden as the Lion from the North and expected that he was the precursor. It didn’t happen.

Let’s just calm down and get real. Jesus himself says that he will come “the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him”. So if you expect it then it isn’t now.

Still if you like that sort of thing here’s a quote to keep you going:

“There’s something biblically going on with the signs of the second coming of Christ,” Begley says on his YouTube channel. His message could creep out believers and non-believers alike. But don’t expect the second coming any time soon. He adds that “we still need seven years of tribulation” and “the rise of the anti-Christ” for that to happen.

Happy thoughts.

The rest of us will continue working to make God’s world a better place.


2 comments on “New Series – Theological Questions to which the Answer is No

  1. harveyedser
    January 19, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    I totally agree… except for the minor quibble that things having perfectly natural explanations doesn’t necessarily mean that on another level (or seen from another angle) they aren’t the work of God. NOT that I’m saying that some cows dying is a sign of the end times!!

    By a similar token, those of us who broadly affirm the biological theory of evolution can say that God is still behind it and at work through it as creator and sustainer, even if from this side of things it appears to be a completely natural – even random – process.

    Apart from that I’m with you all the way! 🙂


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