So a Happy Christmas to everyone….

Well, here it is Christmas Eve. The Carol Service from Kings College Cambridge is about to begin. It’s our Christingle Service at St Paul’s, Roundshaw at 4pm; Midnight Communion at St Paul’s at 11.15 and then Christmas Day at 10.30am tomorrow morning at Wallington Girls.

It’s that magical time leading up to Christmas day that is so lovely. This is the bit that I love. I’ve written everything I’m going to write. I’ve got (or not) the presents I’m going to get. The last run to the supermarket has been done. I’ve got the stock going for the meal tomorrow and I will make the stuffing this evening after the Christingle (we love Delia’s 18th century chestnust stuffing – divine).

And then I take a week off. Lovely.

So, since I am unlikely to head for the keyboard much next week I thought I would just like to say thank you to all those who read this blog and contribute to it. Its been a lot of fun for me. It passed the 6,000 views this morning which is grand given I only started in October.

The most viewed topics over the past (and only) three months have been:

Review – Chronicles of the Dawn Treader (way ahead in the viewing stakes!)

Anglicanism trending but not in a good way


A brief guide to messy church

Springfield Services and Narnia – an important update

So happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.



One comment on “So a Happy Christmas to everyone….

  1. Jean
    December 25, 2010 at 2:04 am #

    Just returned home from a wonderful midnight communion service at Springfield/St. Paul’s Roundshaw. What a blessing and the highlight of my Christmas. When midnight comes and Christmas day begins, I love when we sing oh come all ye faithful.,.. Yea Lord we greet the, born this happy morning…….
    Stuff the turkey, my Christmas is complete!

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