Church services and weather update

We were unsure how today would pan out and how this would affect services tomorrow – given that it was our Christmas Nativity at both Wallington Girls and St Paul’s, Roundshaw at 10.30 at both.

We are now planning that both services to go ahead.

There is a slight caveat in that it assumes that there is no significant snowfall overnight. Also the caretaker needs to make it in tomorrow. We expect that there will be no problems. If there are any problems there will be an update here and on the website. The main issue is likely to be one of ice.

We are not certain as to whether we will be able to open the car park as it has not been touched and there is a slight slope leading into/out of it. We recommend that you park outside the school.

St Paul’s will definitely go ahead.

Next update will be about 8.30am tomorrow morning.

Update 8am

The school will be open and therefore both services will be going ahead. We are not certain about the car parks so presume that you will need to park on the road.

A HUGE thank you to John the caretaker who has driven from East Grinstead to open up the school!!


3 comments on “Church services and weather update

  1. David SIlcock
    December 18, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Good News – just bring your own spade……………

  2. David SIlcock
    December 18, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Mary on a snow plough,
    teams of gritter rather than shepherds,
    three wise bankers?

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