Never thought I would read this

From the Australian paper the Sydney Morning Herald.

England soared. Australia floundered. The gap between the sides has become a chasm. Andrew Strauss and his merry men go forwards with supreme confidence in their ability not merely to retain the Ashes but to trounce these dumbfounded opponents. Australia limps off to lick its wounds and await the verdict of selectors busy sharpening their knives lest their own heads be put on the block.

England’s performance gave as much pleasure as Australia’s did consternation. From Jonathan Trott’s direct hit and James Anderson’s sizzling swingers all those epochs ago to Graeme Swann’s sinuous spinner towards the end, the visitors have belonged in a different league. They made the Australians look ordinary. Efficiency was pitted against fantasy, ruthlessness against soft-headedness.

Nor has it been an overnight event. England success has been years in the making and months in the planning. The community has embraced African rigour and antipodean aggression and added the patriotic fervour that has long been its hallmark. On and off the field, England’s has been superior. Administrators, selectors, coaches, back-room staff and captains have formed a unit with a single goal, the search for excellence.

So different from the 5-0 whitewash 4 years ago. Was listening to the match at midnight last night. Sorry I didn’t wait for the final 1/2 hour!


2 comments on “Never thought I would read this

  1. Paul Barnard57
    December 9, 2010 at 12:54 am #

    how did you have the discipline (?) to switch off when victory was so close? Test match special is amazing. great moment when Michael Vaughan “yelped” with delight when we got one of the wickets!
    i’m jealous of James (my brother) boing in oz!
    bring on perth!

  2. Will Cookson
    December 9, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    I heard Hussey bowled and was pretty confident we would do it but I couldn’t face staying up to 4am! Had I known it was only 1/2 hour!!
    Perth should be good. Finally to have an England team that is focussed and prepared and so obviously up for it.

    Did you see Blatter’s latest comments about England? – I knew we should have pulled out of the bid early and really gone for FIFA. It isn’t fit for purpose and needs a total overhaul.

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