Snow, Narnia and Life

Garden SnowWell, I don’t remember such a snow fall so early in the winter. Isn’t it wonderful!

I must admit to loving snow in the winter – it feels, well so winterish.

There are some more frustrating sides to it. My wife left home to take our youngest to school at 7.45am on Tuesday morning. She got back to pick up our “flower no. 3” and take her to Sutton Grammar and she eventually got back at 2pm. My youngest had to walk back from Croydon during the afternoon snowfall. Got back very wet! And my eldest took over 3 hours getting back from London. New Cross -> Croydon suspended; bus to London Bridge; not a lot happening at London Bridge; tube to Victoria and then finally a train to Carshalton. For the fun of it I went to pick her up. After about 45 minutes I had got as far as Carshalton High St!

Now I know also that for some that this is a dangerous time – the ice, the slipping, the cold etc. Of course, I wish that it didn’t have that side to it. But sometimes there is

Lucy in the Magician's Library

Lucy in the Magician's Library

something that is good for us that we can’t control. We find it easy to live in hermetically sealed lives where everything is controlled. Sometimes inconvenience can be good for us. To throw us off balance, to see the delight in children seeing new things, experiencing new things. My daughter, walking from Croydon, fell over several times and is a bit bruised but she is delighted that she walked through the snow as she did.

So this isn’t a complaint about Southern Rail, or the gritters not doing the pavements or the roads. This is just the joy of the sight of snow and the joy of the experience of it.

It also felt rather fun that the latest Narnia film was having its world premier on such as day! The Queen had to circumnavigate the student protests and the weather to see it.

I am very much looking forward to seeing it on Sunday. The forecast looks as though the conditions will be more clement on Sunday and I don’t think we should have any problems getting there – but then if it isn’t great weather and the getting there is a bit more of a hassle maybe, just maybe it will help us to enjoy the film a little more!


2 comments on “Snow, Narnia and Life

  1. sandy
    December 2, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    i agree with you about the sense of acheivemnet in the snow. A determined tramp is good for the soul! Mary and I went to St Helier today on the bus (ENT appointment) and got there safely and back again.
    It wasn’t so funny coming home from nonsuch on Tues: took me 4 hours in the car: I really don’t like the snow and can’t see any fun to be ha in it.
    But God made us all different so I sahll contnue to be agrumpy old woman!


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