We’ve just been Visited

I have just had my 4-yearly review by Bishop Nick. Each year each incumbent has a review and it goes on a cycle with alternate years by the Archdeacon, lay person, Archdeacon, Bishop. This year was the year of the bishop. Its different from the other years in that on the other years I just go for a straightforward appraisal. On the bishop years we are “visited”.

On the first time round (in 2006) Nick visited us on a Sunday and we gave him a full schedule from 10am to 10pm. This time round was less high-profile and less full-on.

It started with me picking him up in Croydon (as I was picking my daughter up from school) and then going back to the church centre for my appraisal. What do we talk about? Well lots of things. We look at where the church is up to, where I am up to, how the family is doing as well as general chatting about things such as this blog! (Still no link Nick if you are reading this!).

Due to the new congregation at Roundshaw that we have launched I thought that it would be good for Nick to meet up with Sue Bosley who leads the congregation; so after my appraisal she came and gave Nick some insight into what was happening there and how we were approaching it and working with St Paul’s and Mother Angela.

We then had supper with the staff and wardens.

Then after that the mens cell had a skittles evening in Oxted that we went to. Had a second supper there! Great evening with all the guys. Well done to David Farodoye who obviously had a misspent youth and got the highest score.

The quote at the top? My skittles score was just above the average and his just under!


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