It’s official Methodists more valuable than Anglicans

Or indeed others!

Item on Radio 4 about pee this morning. Very interesting about how useful it is. A woman called Sally Magnusson was talking about how it had been used through the centuries – “It cleaned roman togas, it made gunpowder, it healed wounds”. It is still useful in the garden as a fertiliser (diluted). More worryingly the cost of treating it (if left untreated it would do great damage to our waterways) in energy terms and cost is enormous.

Seemingly Sweden is ahead of the game on this.

Go on use some for the compost!

And the Methodists? Seemingly because they didn’t drink alcohol their urine was worth more as it was less acidic and therefore better in the industrial processes it was used for. Apparently in the Welsh villages people would have pee pots that someone on a horse and cart would come round and collect to use in the industrial processes.

Green and sustainable – can’t get better.

Listen to the whole thing here


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