New Cafe Church Congregation at Roundshaw

Cafe Church


I have just been to take part and to do the talk at our new congregation in Roundshaw. This was my first visit to take part in it. When Sue Bosley and I discussed it earlier in the year when planning it we felt that it would be good to let it bed in first and have a structure and format first before coming along. To allow it to build in its own way and create something new and to be led and reflect the people there.

Cafe Church - Sue Speaking

Sue Speaking

Sue and the rest of those launching Springfield@Roundshaw have done an amazing job. It was fun and exciting and bold.

We arrived at St Paul’s about 9.45 to start setting up. Whilst we were setting up the 9am congregation of St Paul’s were completing their Eucharist service. We therefore started out by creeping around trying to not make too much noise; getting out the sound equipment, the round tables, children’s resources, tea and coffee etc. It already appears to be a well-oiled set-up with table cloths and vases on the tables; they have their coffee-making machine (the same as Wallington Girls) and flasks. The difference is that tea and coffee is available from the start of the service (including pastries and biscuits!).

By 10.30 people are starting to arrive and by 10.45 the service is ready to go. The style of it is simple and uncluttered – Sue lead with notices and then a prayer including confession and then Nigel led is in singing. All the children stayed in for this. At the end of the singing there is a space for a testimony each week as to what God has been up to, it can be very simple and yet can have a great impact. After this the children go out to their groups and their is then the reading and the talk (by visiting speaker – Will somebody or other). The talk is followed by discussions on 2-3 questions put up on the overhead followed by prayers at the tables. Then there is a final song and its all over.

It went so quickly and was very moving to see over 40 people there this morning from different backgrounds and stages in their faith journey and so encouraging.

Do pray for Sue and the congregation in Roundshaw. We have been so blessed by such a great church and Vicar at St Paul’s making us feel so welcome and extending the hand of fellowship.


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