Christians in the Middle East

Great article by Robert Fisk of the Independent this morning looking at the state of Christianity in the Middle East. It is a very depressing tale. I remember that the first time I went to

Israeli "“peace" wall” which keep palestinians trapped in Bethlehem

Awful "peace" wall near Bethlehem

Bethlehem how shocked I was by the wall and the banner on it – it was almost blasphemous.

Sometimes Christians have been to blame – with their infighting and their slavish bolstering of the Jewish state to the detriment of Christians there.

Often, the Christians have been caught between a rock and a hard place. Its not surprising that  so many are leaving the Middle East but the cost to our Christian faith will be enormous if that continues to happen. We will lose the insights and understanding that they have of the Gospels that uniquely have given us so much insight into our faith.

It’s so sad.

Lets pray that the parts of the Middle East that Christians mainly go to don’t just become a glorified theme park. But lets also continue to support the work of organisations like Barnabus Fund, CSW and Open Doors in their work of representing our persecuted brethren.


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