New congregation off to a roaring start

It was with some trepidation that we set up a new congregation in Roundshaw. We had been thinking and planning a new congregation for a while. Springfield had been growing  and we didn’t want to get so large that we started to lose a sense of community.

Originally we had looked at planting a new congregation within the school we were meeting in, Wallington Girls in(of all places!) Wallington. But the vicar of St Michael’s and St Paul’s, Mother Angela, with great generosity suggested that we look at St Paul’s, Roundshaw. She was wanting to grow the church there and asked if we would be able to assist the mission of the church in Roundshaw by planting a Springfield congregation there.

So the 17th October saw the launch of our new congregation, Springfield @ Roundshaw, at St Paul’s (congregation not church as it is still part of Springfield). And what a joy it was to hear the news from Sue Bosley, who is leading the new congregation, that over 50 people were there (doubling the number sent from the main congregation).

There is, obviously,  a long way to go to fully establish the new congregation. A focus on outreach and building relationships will be the core of its long-term growth. The danger for any new congregation is to over focus on the content and form of the new service. This is always secondary to outreach and relationships (and by some way at that!).

It is so encouraging to see this new congregation on its feet and running after all the planning and effort. The work has just begun!


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